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Fidelity: Jeans with a Different Bottom Line

Jenny Peters
November 29th, 2005 @ 2:26 PM

"I think that the average life span of a denim brand nowadays is probably the same as that of a purse line - about forty-eight hours!" So says Jason Trotzuk, the man behind Fidelity Jeans, the new brand of jeans taking America and the world by storm. "They come up and they're gone. It's probably the most difficult time in history to launch a new denim label," he shrugs. "So either I'm going to make my stand and make my place in the sea of denim and come out victorious as a brand, or I'll get lost. But I have no choice. I had to do that."

Trotzuk, a Canadian designer and entrepreneur, "had" to launch his company with a Spring 2005 line because, despite all the competition, he knew he had something special to offer women, something that is distinctly hard to find in the sea of high-end denim available today.

"I really tried to concentrate on three things, what I call the three F's, which are Fabric, Fit, and Finish. It's easy to say, but almost impossible to do. There are only one or two companies out there, in my opinion, that really seem to get the fabric, fit, and finish right. Everyone else only gets two out of three, maybe. Most get one out of three. Some people have a great fit, but their fabric is shitty and their finishes are terrible. It's very difficult to get three out of three. That was one of my goals."

To reach that goal, Trotzuk went to Japan for his fabric. "There are a couple of Japanese companies that make great, great denim," he explains. "For me, I use all Japanese denim because I feel that they've really stuck to the fact that they make the denim first without the price in mind and then they give you the price. It's like, 'Fine. Whatever it is.' The product is so good that I'll pay whatever it costs."

With that high-end denim fabric in place, the designer concentrated on the fit of his jeans, which come in seven different styles, mostly variations on low-rise, from dressy to casual, boot cut to straight leg. And it is that fit that sets Fidelity apart from the pack, with a key element that every woman is bound to love.

"How do we get it so that the butt looks great? One of the things that we really did concentrate on was how to get the jean to hold the bum. I've been quoted as saying that these things give every woman a 'high-school butt,' which I'm almost hesitant to hang my hat on, because I don't want to be known as the 'Butt Jeans.' But we do that and it actually works," he laughs, then goes on to expand on the Fidelity secret.

"There is a bit of a cupping of the back part. It's kind of like this. If you were to pin the bottom of my jeans and fill the pant up with sand, it would take the shape of narrower legs and filling out the back where your bum should be. So in fitting women we thought that we could make women fit into our jeans almost like a girdle where it would shape and hold things and put it certain places. That way it kind of does the work for you, and for that you need excellent fabrics to be able to hold that."

So be it the "Tiger Lily" low-rise boot cut or the "Hyacinth" low-rise cuffed trouser (or any of the other Fidelity styles, in colors from dark indigo to soft blue), Trotzuk is confident that women will love the way his jeans fit their behinds.

"I knew that if I had the right fabrication, had the right fit, and the best fabric if I could get those three things I knew that I could stand in front of a million people and tell them that my jeans were great and that they fit and that they did the job."

What more could you want in jeans that cost $150-plus, then a pair that makes your butt look great, even after countless washings? Fidelity jeans are sold in specialty boutiques across North America, including Traffic in Los Angeles and National Jeans Co. in New York. Get more information at

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